Type of contract: service contract

Capacity: 8 days

Location: Sarajevo and Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Duration: 2 months

Experience required: 10 years

1. Context and background

The project ‘Together for Cultural Tourism – Cross-border Cooperation for Improved Socio-Economic Development and Preservation of Traditional Craftsmanship’ (hereinafter: the Project), aims to advance cross-border cooperation in cultural tourism and socio-economic development of the area in order to further promote cross-border tourist potential with emphasis on tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The expected results of the Project are:

  • Up to 60 craftswomen and female artisans with enhanced skills to co-create and market their products as part of the tourism offer.
  • At least 2 joint tourism products co-developed and jointly placed on tourism market in participating municipalities/cross-border area.
  • New collaborations and connections between cross-border stakeholders established to support sustainable socio-economic and tourism development of the cross-border area.

Both Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are strongly committed to their EU integration paths. But the economy of the entre cross-border area is underperforming due to marginalisation and instability originating from 1990s, resulting in low investments, unsuccessful process of privatisation that created job losses and economic deterioration. Both countries are in need of economic recovery (especially after 2008/2009 economic crisis and 2020 when the COVID-19 stroke), with the utmost need to invest in rural development.

Therefore, the Project will build capacities of local craftswomen and female artisans to recognize the tourist potential and commercial value of handcrafts and artisan work they do as well as products they make. They will be empowered to network, exchange and work together to jointly create tourism products reflecting local cultural heritage and traditions. Furthermore, the Project is focused on bringing together different tourism specific and non-tourism stakeholders (municipalities, tourist organizations, regional development agencies, national/federal institutions, professional associations and crafts associations) to create more synergies in supporting local cultural tourism development in the cross-border area and build a momentum for the novel joint tourism products to be placed on the market. The Project will hence support a more balanced socio-economic development in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina by creating favourable conditions for handicraft producers and craftswomen in rural areas in the cross-border region. By enabling the women of rural areas to make a livelihood by producing and selling traditional handicrafts and training services, the Project will also help reduce depopulation and slow down migration to big cities. Apart from developing joint tourism products/services, this project will contribute to learning about mutual cultural heritage and cultural tourism potentials in the programme area. Therefore, production of joint tourism products/services typical of this cross-border area will contribute to the overall increase in the quality of tourist offers in both countries and improve cultural tourism. The developed joint tourism products/services would have a positive impact on cultural tourism of the programme area that can further stimulate an influx of tourist for both countries, thus bringing economic benefits such as an increase in GDP and tourism accounts.

2. Purpose of engagement

Local craftswomen and female artisans have a need for establishing connections with various (tourism and non-tourism) stakeholders. In order to respond to these needs, the Action anticipates tourist colonies, that will provide numerous opportunities to network and cooperate towards a mutual result – development of joint tourism products. The Action also responds to growing interest among artisans to participate and local decision makers to support economic empowerment of women, but also to improve the quality of tourism products and services as well as increase the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic development of the programme area. Also, the Action promotes cultural heritage and local brands as a pillar of local economy and tourism development.

Engaged Expert will support the project staff in organizing the tourist colony in Tuzla, which require a lot of coordination, logistics, communication, administration and other in developing a program of tourist colonies/events and organizing joint cultural tourist colonies/events to promote joint tourism products and support networking among tourism stakeholders.

3. The main tasks and duties of an expert:

  • conceptualizing the tourist colony,
  • preparing the agenda and identifying all necessary resources for the events to take place (prepare local venue for the colony, provide equipment, raw materials, engage local hosts, arrange transportation, meals, program, lectures),
  • develop agenda for diplomatic day, engage needed local stakeholders, coordinate all visits in the agenda (colony venue, trips, route, meals),
  • prepare and send invite for diplomatic day to all relevant official and diplomatic stakeholders,
  • host the diplomatic visit
  • prepare press release and handle media
  • provide follow up report to diplomatic participants
  • other as instructed by the Contractor.

4. Required qualifications

  • Diploma in information technology, marketing or other relevant profession.
  • High expertise and experience in event organization, conferences, round tables, outreach events, content production, managing campaigns with significant components for content production and media buying, organization and management of public information and public relations activities and campaigns, building close contacts with media outlets.
  • Professional experience in developing, managing, and coordinating public information campaigns and high-level public events with more than 80 participants.
  • Professional experience in EU-integration related projects matters in BIH,
  • Computer skills and English language knowing.

5. Duration of engagement

The engagement is scheduled for two months, from April 2024 to June 2024.

Other conditions

The expert will use his own office, resources, materials and computer to perform work tasks. The expert is responsible for his own health insurance and security. Necessary transport should be provided in your own arrangement. The court in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the competent legal authority for all disagreements and potential disputes.

Interested candidates can submit their applications until April 23, 2024.

Send motivation letter, CV and financial offer to the address: bhcrafts@bih.net.ba

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.