In the border area of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the territory of 18 municipalities and cities, 2 NGOs from Serbia -Etno Mreza and Naled, and one from BiH – Bosnian handicrafts/BHcrafts, with the financial support of the European Union, are implementing the project “Together for Cultural Tourism”. The main goal of the project is economical empowerment of women, living in those area, by various tailor made trainings aiming to improve their skills.
The selected 60 women, artisans, will have the opportunity to present and promote their newly created products in local tourist organizations and art studios, at regional tourist colonies, as well as at cross-border exhibitions, which are realized within the framework of the project. They will also participate in professional trainings dedicated to the definition and development of tourist products based on elements of cultural heritage, packaging and design, marketing and promotion.